Our Story

Balıklı Audit | Advisory was established by Tuğba Balıklı as Turkey's first and only boutique Audit Company.

The purpose of its establishment was to provide support at international and high level standards to its customers in all aspects of the implementation of changes in financial reporting, and to create added value for its stakeholders in the light of the rules determined during the audits carried out.

Balıklı Advisory was established with this new approach that was brought to the understanding of auditing and the multi-directional and one-to-one consultancy requests received from the customers on financial affairs between the years 2009 and 2011. Balıklı Audit Advisory, which makes a difference with its service concept specific to each company in Turkey, adopted the aim of providing the customers the most appropriate and the most effective solutions by identifying the real needs of its stakeholders with this new audit and consultancy approach brought to the financial affairs.

The reason for Balıklı Audit Advisory’s success at this point was defined as its ability to quickly interpret all kinds of needs with a deep understanding of the sector and to produce solutions that add value to the companies. And this talent was Balıklı Academy’s formation motivation.

Due to the fact that approximately a thousand companies in the world and Europe carry out their financial reporting in accordance with IFRS has also been the starting point of the Academy.

Balıklı Audit Advisory, whose history goes back to the year 2005, was a company established in order to provide only international financial reporting standards and independent audit services in those years. Then, it has transformed into an organization in a short period of time that meets all the needs of the companies in terms of financial affairs by incorporating corporate finance and management strategies services.

In conclusion, Balıklı Audit Advisory, which received the Most Trusted Audit Firm award by Word Finance Markets in 2018, has adopted the principle of success by earning the trust of its customers with its high quality service understanding, one-to-one and multi-directional consultancy approach and perfectionist perspective.

Balıklı Audit Advisory, which has made a difference with its service approach since its establishment and whose main goal is to add value to its stakeholders, will develop even more and will always improve with the experience it has gained and the confidence of being a pioneer in the sector.